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Lifts & Avant Loader

Avant Loader + Tent Ox Tools

The “Swiss Army Knife” Of Tent Rental Installations

Event Services Plus wants to share the latest addition to our fleet of unique event rental equipment!  Our Avant & Tent Ox™ attachments REVOLUTIONIZE EFFICIENCY and is a great choice for larger tent and event companies who want to bring their performance to the next level!  Tent Ox™ pairs a powerful articulated loader with an integrated suite of installation tools, giving tent rental companies a fundamental new system for reducing install times and lower labor costs.

Avant. Forklift.png

Avant ® 700 Series Articulated Loader + Tent Ox Forklift

Our 755 series machine has the beefy 3600 lb lift capability and a tall 122” reach, shortening time to unload materials, move ballast blocks and more. Transfer loads from truck to tent site at speeds up to 18.5 mph while maintaining excellent control over the load.

Featuring unique turf tires, this machine makes for a comfortable, low-impact ride that won’t damage finely manicured lawns or playing fields.

Tent Puller.png

Avant ® 700 Series Articulated Loader + Tent Ox Roof Panel Puller

OX Roof Panel Puller is the latest tool brought to market by Tent OX™ commercial tent rental experts for pulling clearspan keder fabric. 2200 pounds of hydraulic pulling power installs panels faster than is possible either with hand pulling or using another loader to do the job. Superior hand-feel while pulling virtually eliminates fabric roof panel tears.

This compact attachment is loaded with speed and safety innovations to speed clearspan installs, and its essential for pulling fabric over 40-meter and larger structures.

Tool Rack.png

Avant ® 700 Series Articulated Loader + Tent Ox Tool Rack

The Tent OX Tool Rack™  is designed to store and transport your Tent OX attachments. Featuring a custom design that allows you to swap one attachment for another in less than a minute.

The rack is designed as small as possible, so it takes minimal trailer space. 

When you arrive at the job site roll out the Avant with the OX Tool Rack and transport it to the tent site, and you’re ready to go.

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Avant ® 700 Series Articulated Loader + Leguan Platform/Manlift

The Leguan 50 Access Platform is mounted directly on to Avants quick attach plate like any other Avant attachment. 

  • The Leguan 50 Access Platform allows  197” of working height

  • Safe and legal way to do building repairs, painting, light bulb changes etc.

  • The maximum allowed load on the basket is 440 lb and you are able to use the lift alone

  • Leguan 50 is attached to Avant which makes it easy to set it up in virtually all kinds of terrains

  • The Leguan 50 access platform gives even further possibilities to use your Avant on work sites.


Scissor Lift 1930ES.jpeg
Knuckle Boom Lift.png
Platform lift Extended.jpg
All Terrain Scissor Lift.png

JLG G5-18A Telehandler

​Key Features of the JLG G5-18A Telehandler

  • Superior maneuverability with tight turning radius, narrow width and low machine height

  • Pneumatic/turf tires for working on sensitive surfaces along with rear-wheel steering for less ground disturbance

  • Operator selectable 4-wheel circle, 4-wheel crab, 2-wheel front steering

  • Auxiliary hydraulics for fork adjusting

Rated Capacity: 5500 lbs
Max. Lift Height: 18'4"
Max. Reach: 10'11"
4400 lb capacity at max height

1850 lb capacity at max reach