Tent OX Tool Rack™

The Tent OX Tool Rack™  is designed to store and transport your Tent OX attachments. Featuring a custom design that allows you to swap one attachment for another in less than a minute.

The rack is designed as small as possible, so it takes minimal trailer space. But it also allows operators to swap from one tool to another – for instance from an OX Stake Driver to an OX and Roll fork, or OX Fork to OX Roof Panel Puller – in under 60 seconds.

You can fit an OX machine like the 500 Series Avant machine shown here, all the Tent OX attachments and additional materials on a 10,000 lb trailer.

When you arrive at the job site, roll the “OX” off first with whatever is on the OX Fork, grab the OX Tool Rack and transport it to the tent site, and you’re ready to go.

See it in Action