Why Event Services Plus

When planning your next event, one of the biggest headaches is often getting your guests from point A to point B.

Buses and Vans Don’t Work Very Well
Many event organizers try to get the guests transported via bus, or van. Unfortunately these vehicles work with limited success. They are often loud and smelly due to the diesel fuel. They are inefficient often carrying too few guests while others have to wait during long transport times.

Our Chauffeured Shuttle Service is the Answer
We wanted to offer event hosts a great, eco-friendly, solar charged, no emissions solution to their transportation needs. Our shuttles are just the right size to transport your guests quickly and efficiently. We have a wide range of vehicles to accommodate events large and small. In addition we have a special needs van for your guests with wheelchairs, or limited mobility.

You’ll find our drivers are professional and courteous. We offer your guest a quiet and efficient ride with easy access and fast turnaround.

Industrial Rentals and Equipment
In addition to our chauffeured shuttle service, we have a fleet of industrial rentals to help you transport equipment, beverages, supplies and more with ease. Our equipment includes a rising platform, solar light stands, STAR entertainment van and a concessions cart.

The Perfect Services for Any Event

Eco-Friendly Solar Charged

Our service works well for:

  • Weddings
  • Winery Events
  • Corporate Events
  • Sporting Events
  • Golf Torunaments
  • QuinceaƱeras
  • Any Event where Quick and Efficient Transportation is Needed

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