Rental Vehicles & Equipment

Industrial Rental Vehicles and Equipment

Event Services Plus can provide you with a wide range of rental vehicles and equipment for your next event. Our vehicles are easy to drive, economical and eco-friendly. The vehicles can work in tight spaces and can quickly transport equipment, beverages, coolers and more.

Utility Transport Rentals

Utility Truck & Cart Rentals

Rental Equipment

  • Entertainment VanSTAR Entertainment Van

    The ultimate in mobile entertainment. Equipped with large screen televisions, recording and playback equipment. Perfect for weddings, sporting events and much more. Read More –>

  • Lift PlatformLift Platform

    The perfect vehicle for watching and recording events including outdoor weddings and sports. Platform rises up to 13 feet with 360 degrees of rotation and a telescoping center camera mount. Read More –>

  • Solar Light TowersSolar Light Towers

    These solar charged light stands provide clean, quiet and efficient lighting for your event. The stands rise to 18 feet and have 4 adjustable LED light features. Read More –>

  • Concessions CartConcessions Cart

    Our concessions cart is the perfect way to get refreshments directly to your guests. It can carry both cold and hot beverages, ice cream, food and more. Read More –>

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