About Us

About Us

Awhile back we went to an event where we parked in one location, then took an 18 passenger diesel van to the event site.

Sitting in the van we noticed a few things:

  1. It was loud and the smell of the diesel fuel was nauseating as we waited for more passengers to load.
  2. We noticed the driver was struggling to decide when to go. There were 5 or 6 of us in the van, but more were getting out of cars, so he wasn’t sure if he should wait, or go.
  3. We ended up going to the event site, not fully loaded and when we got there the van had trouble navigating some of the tight turns
  4. We also noticed several guests with limited mobility and they had a hard time navigating the steps to board and depart the van.

We decided there had to be a better way to do this. The van was too big and the other options we had seen at events wouldn’t work either. Limos aren’t very functional for lots of guests and most vans and buses are too big, not to mention the noise and gas smell.

Fast, Friendly Shuttle Service

We had seen golf carts put into use, but those often only carry two people and can’t accommodate the number of guests at most events.

We figured the ideal solution would be a larger golf cart that could transport multiple people and even better, if it could be done with a chauffeured driver, you’d really have the perfect event transportation solution.

And so, Event Service Plus was born. We created a fast, economical, fun way to transport your guests from point A to point B. We have professional, courteous drivers and can take just the right number of people with a quick turnaround and the ability to work in tight spaces.

In addition to our chauffeured shuttle service we also have industrial vehicles for rent and event equipment such as solar lights, platforms and a concession cart.

Contact Us if you have questions or Make a Reservation.

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